**Teenage Romance**

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Yes, I want it...... I want a Teenage romance.
Oh to be able to feel someone's arms around me
and know that He feels butterflies too, in his stomach
and He too loves the smell of my fragrance as I do his, Yes!

I want it.... not that I had it when in my teens
Maybe that's why I am still seeking it....believing it....that someday it will....happen so, as i want it
somehow, someone would appear from the dark shadows of doubt and embrace me like Cinderella or kiss me as if I am snow white?

Oh boy, do I want it!

to feel the honey dew drops on my lips as his lips touch mine
I want it, As our breaths run away and we make an orchard with only our hands, and out come butterflies and all the beautiful things that can, I want it.

Magic made by his hands as he take a strand and brush it away from my eyes and my eyes twinkle
in this romance and I live!  after a thousand deaths as he says my name with that love in his voice and I swing around and meet him half way, on an old rusted bridge,  as if two lovers meeting at the end of  a fairytale, I want it!

Yes, I want it......that Teenage romance...


**Join hands with me; let's walk towards a lighter heart**

Monday, December 13, 2010
There was a game we used to play in my Sunday school at the Mosque. It went something like this: You state something you hate about your life (if has to be something you really really hate or regret) and then you add "Allhumdullilah" and then state something that you have instead of that bad thing.

Let's create some positive energy; I will start. 

I HATE living so far away from Ammi jaan, but Allhudullilah, i know she is right there when i need her, only one phone call away.

Your turn!

*I am the bestest sister in the world! *

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Just when u think life is so bland, you are reminded of how colorful it really is, if you just open ur eyes...... :) I love you, my Yummy!

Innocent Pari
awwwwwwwwwww cute


Innocent Pari
this is 4 u

thats beautiful!

Innocent Pari
ap se zyaada nai hai


Innocent Pari

(giggling is a genetic disorder that runs in my family from my mother's side)