*Why did you give me the job?"

Monday, August 16, 2010
There were interviews where I walked out 100% sure I got the job (but I didn't), and then there were interviews where I was 50-50% sure I might get the job(and I didn't), but this one??? I was 100% sure I won't get the job(but I did!).

I blanked out on the last half of the questions totally, I stuttered and used "like" a lot (which i have been kicking myself for doing ever since), I slumped and replied to every questions with "Sorry, I don't know how to answer that" or "Sorry, my mind is totally blanking out right now".....And I walked out of the room, got inside the elevator and thought "Boy! that was embarassing, I wish i never get to see them around the university."

But then, Mr. B called and said, "I would like to offer you the job" and I went numb. like wha???

and now, one and a half month into the job, I still wonder why? hehehe sometimes I feel the urge to just ask him....but I don't think it would be appropriate just now. Maybe after 3 or 4 years later.