*Nothing I would change*

Thursday, March 17, 2011
There is not a single thing I would like to change about my life today. For I just realized that It is perfect as it is, even with its many imperfections.  It's not with money, or perfectly tailored jobs that you find happiness. It is not with husbands with perfectly straight teeth or with children well mannered; also not with untarnished silverware or with a cottage near the sea side. I will tell you where happiness reside. and I will tell you now. It resides in taking a moment to close your eyes and feel wind pass through your hair. It is found in gold that sun scatters everywhere. To the rich and to the poor, the same amount. With a chance of equal happiness should we make the best use of rain and our backyard. It resides everywhere if we look through eyes of a child.Wonder dancing in our eyes, Faith in our decisions, Hoping for the best, Praying to the only One who is able to provide (Allah), and above all Enjoying whatever Allah has given. Being Grateful is the only way to have all the riches in the world.