*Why did you lie?*

Monday, March 28, 2011
"What season of the year do you like?" Kids ask such easy questions, I think as I look into the little eyes. "I like winter." I reply thinking how easy was that!!! Ready to go on to another easy question, I  leisurely twirl a strand of my hair.
"Why not summer?" hmm thats easy too. "because its too hot." I say. 
"But isn't there even one thing you like about summers?"
"well.....I DO like going back home and also the vacations ofcourse." 
"Aha! so you like summers too." 
"I guess..." now this is a good self revelation.
"and spring and fall?"
" that I think of it, I DO like the colorul trees in fall and flowers in spring."
"uhum. i knew it!"
  "Knew what?"
"I knew you were lying when you said you like winter!!! Why did you lie?"
"Can we go back to the easy questions?"