*Drenching me once again with love - my memories*

Monday, May 17, 2010
It's raining again - drenching my heart with memories of the past once again. The colorful red, blue and golden wings of my yesterday are fluttering by past my eyes making me forget my today. making me forget even sorrowful yesterday except for those colorful moments. I feel as if I am experiencing them again. Who is to say the past has actually passed? after all, humans are the only one bound by time. the time always stays the same, the memories stay where they are as if on a film strip.

Let me go back and relive them as if rewinding a movie.

I see laughter......I feel a heart full of love and happiness. and the rain, oh so beautiful...Green trees and wind swaying them here to there.......

closing my eyes, I am right there, right now. and I am happy. right now just as happy as I was back then. Lovely moments are forever in our memory and if we can deceive our heart into getting out of this time loop, You can experience them once again. They never go away. They have never passed. They are still in the Now - the present - in another dimension.