*wobbly head package*

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Today while out for an errand, this little boy running around the office caught my eye. And to my surprise, I started looking at him and for the very first time in my life...a very strange natured thought crossed my mind - I wished I had a son/daughter like that to love and hold and play with!!! As soon as I realized what I was just thinking, my eyes got wider. Omg. Hehe I am not even married or engaged and dont plan to tie the knot for a good few more years! Whats happening!

Waise I always had a strong desire to nurture kids, mine or not. But that want was occasional and conveniently convenient for me. I always loved the fact that I could hand the kid over to someone else when it starts to get messy, or leaky ;) or just annoying. Hey - give me a break. Sometimes kids can be preeeety annoying.

But today morning.....for a second there....I wanted it all. All the messiness...the leakiness....the annoyance.....the whole wobbly head package!

Wow! What a morning!